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Welcome to the online Home of Pat Tanner Evangelistic Ministries

       It is evident that the need for revival has never been as great as it is today. Churches are failing to reach our dying world, families are falling apart and individual Christians are powerless.

      This is not God's plan for His people. Our only hope is revival. David understood in Psalm 51:13 that only after his relationship with God was restored would the lost be saved. We need strong, revived churches in order to see The Great Commission effectively carried out around the world.

      The Lord has called me into the ministry of evangelism with a burden to see God's people revived and the lost saved. Similar to the encouragement Philip provided Paul in Acts 21, my desire is to encourage those in the ministry through preaching, personal relationships and helps projects.

      We recognize that there are many pastors who are bi-vocational and/or working without a salary to shepherd their flock. The LORD knows our hearts' desire is to help churches, regardless of their financial resources. If you believe that our ministry can be a blessing to you or your church, please feel free to contact us.

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