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Evangelist Pat Tanner

I grew up in a Christian home in north-central West Virginia. I was saved at a young age but did not immediately begin living for the Lord. In 1997 I graduated from Calvary Christian School in Fairmont and began secular college. During this time I was faithful to Campus Light services and activities while attending Faith Baptist Church in Morgantown. It was during these college years that my desires changed. I began to desire to live for the Lord.

I married Kristal and moved to Fairmont in 2002 where we were actively involved in several ministries of our home church, Victory Baptist Church. On August 8, 2004, during a message from the book of Amos, the Lord burdened my heart to preach His word. That night, Pastor Bob preached about the cowboy from Tekoa and I sensed that there was nothing else in life that I could 

do, but to surrender to God's call in my life. I went forward during the invitation and accepted God's call to preach His word, making the decision public before the congregation. 

On September 27, 2007 I began to work full time at Victory Baptist Church as Assistant Pastor under the leadership and mentorship of Pastor Bob Barker. The Lord began to significantly burden my heart for revival and evangelism in early 2012. On July 25, 2012 the Lord confirmed with me my new direction toward full time evangelism. 

The Tanner Family

My wife, Kristal, was raised in Fairmont where she first started attending Victory Baptist Church as a toddler. She was led to the Lord by her grandmother when she was five years old. During her college years, Kristal was actively involved in Campus Light Ministries while attending West Virginia University. Shortly after her college graduation, we married on October 26, 2002 at Victory Baptist Church. Over the years, our family has served in various ministries of our local church.

We have been blessed with four daughters; Bethany (1-11-05), Ivy (11-8-06), Maddie (1-7-10) and Lydia (2-14-11).

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